With the card on, you turn on your device and you will notice that the main 3DS menu does not show up. Instead, the R4 3DS GUI will pop up. This takes you to the main screen of the R4 3DS firmware.

The GUI consists of three buttons on the main menu, Game, Multimedia and Config.

The Game button is used to play the games which are stored in your microSD card. This is a very simple process, and it’s done the same as with any USB device. You can download ROMs online for 3DS or DS, as 3DS has backward compatibility. Once you download the ROMs, you just drag and drop them on the microSD. R4 3DS will then automatically detect the games and allow you to play them on your console.

The Multimedia button is used to access the firmware’s file management system. Through this application, you can access the microSD just as you would your computer’s hard drive. This application can read multimedia files such as videos, and you can play movies by downloading them and then transferring them to the microSD. You can also listen to music and read text files.

The Config button allows you to access a menu that allows you to change a few options regarding the firmware. Here you can customize the look of the firmware and choose one of the available skins. This allows you to customize your 3DS to look the way you want.

R4 3DS Advantages

The R4 3DS flashcard adds an incredible number of features to the Nintendo 3DS. The concept behind portable consoles is entertainment on the move, but somehow not enough attention was paid to multimedia.

Using R4 3DS you can add files to the microSD and easily access them through the GUI. This allows you to use your Nintendo 3DS as a portable multimedia storage device. The 3DS also features cameras, and with the limited amount of space on the device, it’s easy to fill it up. The increased capacity made possible by the microSD add huge capabilities, and with the new SDHC cards, you can store incredible amounts of data. HC stands for High Capacity, and the new R4 3DS http://www.r4revolution3dss.com/ now supports cards up to 32GB. You can store many movies on the 3DS and watch them while traveling when you get bored of games. This allows for incredible flexibility of the device, and it truly becomes a portable entertainment system.